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  • What is an Ophthalmologist?
    What is an Ophthalmologist in San Antonio? When it comes to getting your eyes checked, you want to make sure that your vision is as good as it can be. In Read more
  • Tips for Better Eye Health
    Tips for Better Eye Health from Our Eye Doctor in San Antonio Making sure your eyes stay healthy is an important part of protecting your vision from impairment or loss. There Read more
  • Dry Eye
    Vision 3C Specialists Discusses Dry Eye If your eyes itch, burn or sting continuously for no apparent reason, you may be suffering from dry eye. Dry eye is a condition where Read more
  • Tips For Hard To Fit Contacts
    Vision 3C Specialists in San Antonio, TX Share Tips on Hard to Fit Contact Lenses If you have trouble using regular contact lenses, you may have been told that you're "hard Read more
  • LASIK Surgery
    LASIK Surgery in San Antonio & Floresville Millions of people have benefited from LASIK surgery that has allowed them to see clearly without glasses. This procedure’s technical name is “laser-assisted in Read more
  • LASIK Candidacy
    Are you a Good Candidate for LASIK? LASIK is a procedure that can eliminate or reduce your dependence on corrective lenses. Dr. Trujillo at San Antonio can talk to you about Read more
  • Common Eye Conditions
    Common Eye Conditions Treated at Vision 3C Almost everyone has to deal with some type of eye conditions at one point in their life. Whether you have symptoms due to environmental Read more
  • Symptoms of Cataracts
    Are You Experiencing Cataract Symptoms? Dr. Trujillo, Your San Antonio Ophthalmologist Can Help Cataracts are often associated with age, as they typically occur in patients who are over the age of Read more
    LASIK FAQs from Dr. Fernando Trujillo, Your San Antonio & Floresville Ophthalmologist LASIK eye surgery has been used by millions to correct their vision problems. This procedure presents positive results and Read more

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