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Meet The Doctor

    Dr. Fernando Trujillo M.D.

    Dr. Fernando Trujillo is a second generation ophthalmologist. He was born in Medellin, Colombia and later moved to San Antonio with his family to pursue his passion as an ophthalmologist. He is compassionate and caring physician striving to provide the best quality of care for his patients.


  • Dr. Trujillo is a very caring and highly skilled physician. His staff is very friendly and helpful, and I've been able to schedule appointments within time frames that work well with my schedule. I like that they use helpful technology in their office process; the email appointment confirmations and reminders are great. The office is in a convenient location, and it's new and very clean, which is nice too. He performed LASIK surgery on myself about 5 years ago, which was very successful. Couldn't be happier--my vision is still perfect. I also take my child to him, and he recently was fitted with contacts. We are very happy here and trust Dr. Trujillo's judgment and skill. Highly recommend!

    - Anonymous
  • Great personality and cares about his patients. Not there to make a buck, but to tell you the truth and what is best for his patient. I had been told by another specialist that I needed eye surgery immediately. I have seen Dr. Trujillo twice in the last 14 months and my vision has not changed. I still don't need surgery.

    - LAURA G
  • Great visit. Dr. Trujillo was professional and gave me time to ask questions. Laura fitted me for contacts and she was wonderful!

  • Dr Trujillo makes you feel very comfortable and welcome in his office. He answers your medical questions with true interest and concern. It is a pleasure being his patient. I recommend him highly!!

  • Dr. Trujillo has been treating me for probably close to 12 years. He is an excellent doctor in his field and I would not go to anyone else. His knowledge of his profession is above average and he remembers from visit to visit a few problems I have with my eyes.I am happy to see him have his own practice now. He is so pleasant to work with. Always happy and yet always listening to every word you say. He has a very promising future and again he is the only doctor I would go to for eye treatment. God bless Dr. Trujillo

    - MARY D
  • They were very professional and the appointment was finished more quicker than I expected. I will definitely keep Dr. Trujillo as my vision specialist. He listened to everything I said and gave me clear answers to all of my questions. Overall the whole experience was very welcoming.

    - LEAH D

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