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Cornea Transplantation

Corneal Transplantation from Our Skilled San Antonio Eye Surgeon

When your cornea becomes damaged to the point that you can no longer see through it clearly, it may have to be removed and replaced with a healthy donor cornea. If you need this type of procedure, you'll want to talk to our skilled San Antonio eye surgeon at Vision 3C Specialists, Dr. Trujillo.

When Is a Corneal Transplant Recommended?

Any abnormal condition that affects one or both of your corneas is likely to have a negative impact on your vision. Ideally, light passes through the cornea in a consistent, predictable manner. Some corneal abnormalities, such as astigmatism, can be countered with corrective lenses, and minor abrasions or other injuries often heal satisfactorily on their own. Sometimes, however, a cornea's condition passes the point of no return and a corneal transplantation is recommended. Examples of such conditions and circumstances include:

  • Severe corneal scarring due to injury or disease
  • Severe deformities such as keratoconus, in which the cornea becomes cone-shaped instead of smoothly spherical
  • Corneal scarring or swelling from congenital diseases such as Fuchs' dystrophy
  • Complications from eye surgery
  • Repeated abrasions caused by misaligned eyelashes, a disorder called trichiasis

It's normal to recommend conservative treatment measures before proceeding to surgery for any medical condition, including corneal problems. If you do need corneal surgery, however, you can rest assured that this form of surgery can be highly successful at restoring your vision to its former clarity.

Understanding the Transplantation Process

The first step in your corneal transplantation journey is a consultation with our San Antonio ophthalmologist. We will examine and measure the cornea in question, discuss your current medical condition and medications, and go over the possible risks, which include infection, elevated eye pressure, and rejection of the donor tissue.

The procedure itself is performed under sedation with a local anesthetic. Most corneal transplants involve the straightforward removal of all layers of corneal tissue, although this isn't always necessary. A donor cornea, or in some cases an artificial cornea, will then be sutured into position. We will provide you with post-operative medication, eye protection, and advice on how to enjoy an easy and uncomplicated recovery.

Need a Trusted Eye Doctor in San Antonio or Floresville?

A corneal transplant may be a last resort, but it can also give your eyesight a fresh new start. If you need a trusted eye surgeon in San Antonio or Floresville, call (210) 538-2020 today!