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About Vision 3C Specialists

Who We Are

Welcome to Vision 3C Specialists! Our expert ophthalmologist is here to help you with all your eye care needs. We’ve been proudly serving the city of San Antonio for years with our friendly staff. Here’s a little bit about our practice and some of the services we offer. 


Get to Know Our Practice 

Our lead ophthalmologist is Dr. Fernando Trujillo, who has been honing his skills in the practice for more than the last 17 years. He is a second-generation ophthalmologist who moved to San Antonio to follow his dreams and open Vision 3C Specialists. 

Our practice knows that eye care has become more complicated than ever. That’s why we put you first. Our patient-centered approach allows us to give you our full attention and help, which means you get the best eye care services you can. 

Our Services

We take pride in offering the best eye care services in the San Antonio area. Whether you need to get fitted for a new contact lens prescription or you have questions about a more complex surgical treatment, we have the specialized skills to take care of your vision. 

  • LASIK - Dr. Trujillo is a highly experienced LASIK practitioner. Our staff can help you decide if LASIK is right for you or help you explore alternatives to LASIK that might be better for your condition. 
  • Cataract Surgery - Cataracts can be diagnosed and treated effectively by our doctor. We can help you decide if a surgical approach is right for you.
  • Cornea Transplantation - Our practice specializes not only in traditional corneal transplants but also in modern techniques. Transplants used to be the standard approach, but they can take up to a year to fully heal.  Our newer techniques can save you time in recovery.
  • Contact Lenses - If you’re tired of losing your glasses, it might be time to get some contact lenses. Contacts come in a variety of styles, and in both long-term wear and disposable formats. We can get you fitted and find your contact prescription, so you can stop worrying about glasses and look your best. 

Contact Us Today

Contact our experts at Vision 3C Specialists in San Antonio today at 210-538-2020 to find out more about how we can help you improve your vision!