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Hard to Fit Contact Lenses

Vision 3C Specialists in San Antonio, TX Share Tips on Hard to Fit Contact Lenses

If you have trouble using regular contact lenses, you may have been told that you're "hard to fit." Just what does this mean, and is there a solution that will allow you to comfortably wear contacts? Here are some answers from Dr. Trujillo at Vision 3C Specialists in San Antonio and Floresville.


What Makes Eyes Hard to Fit?

The presence of certain eye conditions results in this situation. Conditions like keratoconus, for example, cause the cornea to bulge to the point that the curves of standard contact lenses can't accommodate them. Astigmatism, which is caused by irregularities in the cornea's shape, is another condition that usually won't be helped by standard lenses. Dry eyes, presbyopia, giant papillary conjunctivitis, and eyes that have had procedures like LASIK surgery can also be hard to fit.

How Dr. Trujillo Can Help

Our ophthalmologist, Dr. Trujillo, can help you wear contact lenses even if you're hard to fit. He knows about all of the options for contact lenses and which conditions they work for, so he'll be able to prescribe the ones that will fit your eyes.

Some examples of lenses made for hard to fit patients include toric lenses, which work with astigmatism. Another type of hard to fit lens is the scleral lens. These are made to rest on the edge of the sclera, or white of your eye. This allows them to bypass corneal issues like keratoconus, which cause the shape of the cornea to be incompatible with standard contacts. These lenses can also be good for those with dry eye since they have minimal direct contact with the eye's surfaces. These are just some of the options for hard to fit contact lenses. Our eye doctor, Dr. Fernando Trujillo at Vision 3C Specialists in San Antonio, TX, will know exactly which ones you need.

The Contact Lens Exam

When you have an eye exam with contact lenses in mind, your eyes will receive extra checks to determine which lenses will work best with them. The shape of your corneas are measured along with the quantity and quality of your tears, and any eye conditions you have are taken into account. Then, the right lenses are prescribed by Dr. Trujillo. Typically, you'll come back for a follow-up appointment after a couple of weeks to see if any tweaks are needed. Sometimes, a simple change in which contact lenses you use will make all the difference in terms of comfort and effectiveness.

Get Your Exam and Comfortable Contact Lenses at Vision 3C Specialists in San Antonio & Floresville

To get a contact lens exam and fitting from us here at Vision 3C Specialists in San Antonio, just give us a call at (210) 538-2020. We'll be happy to help.