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Eye Floaters

Make an Appointment with Our San Antonio and Floresville Eye Surgeon If You Have Eye Floaters

Are you noticing spots of vision that appears like strings, cobwebs, or grey or black specks? If you are, then you may have a condition known as eye floaters. Eye floaters are an age-related condition that our ophthalmologist at Vision 3C Specialists in Floresville and San Antonio knows how to treat. Read the below information to understand what floaters are and what our eye surgeon can do to help.


An Overview of Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are small pieces of protein fibers that were part of the vitreous, which is a transparent gel-like substance located at the back of the eyes. It is considered an age-related condition because as you age, protein fibers become smaller in size to the point that they start to clump together. When this happens, they float over the retina, a light-sensitive tissue. The “shadows” you see within your vision are the eye floaters.

In most cases, age is the cause of these floaters. In other cases, it could be the result of inflammation at the back of the eye, eye bleeding, eye surgeries or medication, or a torn retina.

People who are over the age of 50 are at risk of having eye floaters as well as for those who have nearsightedness, diabetic retinopathy, eye trauma, or eye inflammation.

Eye floaters, for the most part, are not a cause for concern. That said, it does not mean you should skip a visit to see an ophthalmologist for an evaluation. Eye floaters can sometimes interfere with peripheral vision, cause pain, or get worse over time. If these issues occur, get in touch immediately with our eye surgeon in Floresville and San Antonio for prompt treatment.

How Our Eye Doctor Can Help

Eye floaters are more an annoying condition than a life-threatening problem, so in some cases, no treatment is necessary. However, if you notice more floaters in your vision, see flashes of light, have eye pain, or lost some of your peripheral vision, then intervention is necessary. Depending on how severe your case is, our eye doctor may perform surgery or laser treatment to remove some, if not all, of the floaters.

Reach Out to Us Immediately If You Notice Floaters within Your Vision

At Vision 3C Specialists, our ophthalmologist in Floresville and San Antonio can identify the cause of your eye floaters and recommend the best course of action. Do not hesitate to contact us at (210) 538-2020 if you notice any floaters within your vision. We can help!