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Post-Surgical Eye Care

Post-Surgical Eye Care From Our Ophthalmologist In San Antonio and Floresville

Most forms of eye surgery are outpatient procedures, allowing you to return home the same day. Your eyes will heal quickly, so you will be able to perform your daily routine in no time. However, to ensure your eyes do heal properly, we at Vision 3C Specialists have a few recommendations for you following eye surgery.


Personalized Plan

Every individual, surgery, and eye is different. Due to this, your eye surgeon will create a personalized eye care plan just for you. Make sure to follow our ophthalmologist’s instructions as it will help your eye heal faster and reduce the potential of needing a second surgery. 

Avoiding Eye Strain

Following surgery, you will want to avoid any kind of eye strain within the first 24 hours. Don't go from any dark to bright locations, make sure to wear your sunglasses, don't squint, and do whatever you can to avoid crying. You might feel tired following the surgery, so, by all means, try and sleep. It'll at least help pass the time. 

You will also want to avoid using any kind of screen time, such as looking at a computer, television, or phone. 

You should try to take a few days off of work, or schedule your eye surgery on a Thursday or Friday so that you can have a long weekend and be back to work on Monday. 


Following your surgery, your eyes will feel itchy, and you may feel the need to rub them. You mustn’t rub your eyes as this can lead to a dislodge flap.

Your vision will be blurry for several hours after surgery. This is normal. Your eye doctor will go over this with you and may prescribe some medication to help ease the pain and keep your eyes lubricated.

You should not attempt to return to sports or similar activities for several weeks, avoid lotions and makeup around the eyes, and prevent your eyes from being hit or bumped.

Your Eye Surgeon Is Here To Help After Surgery

At Vision 3C Specialists, we strive to provide you with the very best eye care in the greater San Antonio and Floresville area. If you need surgery, have been searching for a new eye doctor, or you simply have a question about our ophthalmology services, give our team call at (210) 538-2020.