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Low Vision

Low Vision Overview

Low vision, whether it is due to macular degeneration, glaucoma or diabetes-related issues, is a life-changing diagnosis, but it does not have to limit your life or activities. When your vision is failing, consultation with a low vision doctor can help you develop the skills and acquire the tools needed to continue to live on your own terms while managing all facets of day-to-day life. 


In the San Antonio, TX area, Vision 3C Specialists is ready to help you with your low vision. Our experienced optometry team is standing by to help you and your loved ones.

What exactly is low vision? 

Low vision is visual impairment past a "normal" level. It starts in the 20/70 range and continues from moderate low vision up the scale to near-total low vision to total blindness. Most people fall in the in-between areas on the scale and have a visual impairment while maintaining some sight. For these patients, a consultation with an eye doctor specializing in low vision can lead to a drastic increase in quality-of-life.

What does low vision eye care look like? 

A low vision visit includes the traditional eye exam and additional testing to determine how to move forward accommodating your vision loss or condition. You will talk to the eye doctor about your life and your needs for hobbies and work. 
The low vision specialist knows how to maximize your remaining sight to power your daily life and understands the devices that will best extend your abilities. These tools range from simple magnifying glasses to reading telescopes and video electronic magnifying devices.

Other techniques used may include altering the lighting profile at your home to accommodate light sensitivity or provide the best light possible to enhance your vision. The doctor can also introduce other items to assist with your daily life, such as talking appliances and medical devices, and a variety of large-print items. While some ways the eye doctor assists may seem self-explanatory, learning about all the different services available at one time can help patients resume their usual routines more quickly than relying on gradual discovery and implementation of best practices.

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For patients in the San Antonio, TX area, Vision 3C Specialists is prepared to provide the best service possible for our patients. From your initial visit to home adjustments, we help you design your life to accommodate your vision challenges and prepare for the future. Call Vision 3C Specialists today at 310-538-2020 to schedule an in-person consultation with a caring low vision specialist.