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  • Cornea Transplant
    A cornea transplant is a surgical procedure aimed at replacing part of the cornea with tissue from a donor. We offer corneal transplant at Vision 3c Specialists in San Antonio, TX. Read more
  • What To Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting
    Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to contacts for a few reasons. Contacts will give you a more natural appearance without an eyeglass frame on your face. In addition, you Read more
  • Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye
    Many things can cause you to develop dry eye. You may even have more than one cause. If you suspect that you have dry eye, it is time to schedule Read more
  • Signs Of Sight Loss
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are over 12 million Americans who suffer some form of visual problems, including a million people who are blind. Read more
  • Cornea Transplant
    There are many ways to improve vision and solve issues with your eyes, and one of them is with a cornea transplant. If you need this procedure or think it Read more
  • Fruits and Veggies, and How They Impact Vision
    You know that you should be eating fruits and vegetables to improve your diet and ensure you are getting the nutrients you need. However, many people do not realize that Read more
  • Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye
    Many things can cause you to develop dry eye. You may even have more than one cause. If you suspect that you have dry eye, it is time to schedule Read more
  • Smoking and Eye Health
    When you smoke, it can have several adverse effects on your eyes. It can lead to a number of serious eye problems as well as make them worse. In addition Read more
  • Signs of Vision Loss
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that there are one million blind people in America. If you are experiencing any of the early signs of vision loss, contact Read more
  • Sore Eyes
    An important part of staying healthy is caring for your eyes. This means getting routine eye exams. You should also get an exam if you begin to experience any concerning Read more
  • Healthy Aging and Your Eyes
    As more people are heading to retirement in America, there is a high expectation from medical science that people with age-related eye problems will rise exponentially. You cannot prevent changes Read more
  • How to Prep for LASIK
    Getting LASIK surgery is an effective way to improve your vision so that you may no longer need to wear glasses or contacts. Like any surgery, there are certain ways Read more
  • How Often Should You Go to the Eye Doctor
    Vision is arguably the most important of the senses. This is why it is important to schedule frequent eye exams with a qualified ophthalmologist. At Vision 3C Specialists, our eye Read more
  • How to Prep for an Eye Exam
    Preparing for your eye exam is not that difficult. However, it's essential to understand what you will need for the exam or if you need to prepare beforehand. Our team Read more
  • After Cataract Surgery: What You Should Know?
    Are You Prepping for Cataract Surgery? At Vision 3C Specialists, we want to help you feel confident about your upcoming cataract surgery by empowering you with knowledge about what to expect Read more
  • Is LASIK Surgery Right for You?
    LASIK surgery is available to those who wish to improve their vision without the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Performed by our skilled ophthalmologist, Dr. Fernando Trujillo, this procedure Read more

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